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********Our Vision is to inspire the love of learning by nurturing and educating each child within a Christ centered environment********
Please Do Not type in all capital alphabets/letters.Current School Year 2023-24 is from September 1, 2023 through May 2024.School Year 2024-25 starts on September 1, 2024.*Sibling of Current Student*Been To Preschool or Daycare*School Year*Sibling of Former Student*Last Name*First NameMiddle Name*Gender*Preferred NamePreferred Name: Is your child's nickname or a name S/He Recognizes when called upon by classmates & teachers. If there is no nickname then please write your child's given name.*Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy)
Please Note: A school year is from September through May. The 9/1 date is within each school year of enrollment: (1) All Creepers must be at least 6-12 months old as of 9/1. (2) All Toddlers must be at least 13-23 months as of 9/1. (3) All 2 to 5 year olds must meet the age of the class being enrolled as of 9/1. (For Example: A 3-year old child must have already turned 3 before 9/1 of each school year. )All Toddlers and older children must be able to walk on their own and easily separate from his/her parent/caregiver for a reasonable length of time. Please provide opportunities and experiences for your child to separate from your before school begins. All Toddlers and older children must also be able to independently feed themselves. All Children in 3 years and up classes must be potty trained and be able to take care of all their bathroom needs before the start of school. 3-years and up classrooms are not equipped for diaper changing; therefore, no diapers or pull-ups are allowed at any time. Eligible 4 year old children will be tested for Young 5's placement, based on availability.*Class
Please seperate First Name of Dad & Mom with ' and ' . Example: Tom and Mary.*Family Country of Origin*First Name of Dad and MomHome Phone*Mother Mobile*Father MobilePlease insert "-" in your phone number. Example: xxx-xxx-xxxxPlease insert "-" in your phone number. Example: xxx-xxx-xxxxPlease insert "-" in your phone number. Example: xxx-xxx-xxxx*Primary E-MailSecondary Email
*Church Affiliation*Learn More About DBC
*Native Language*Language Spoken at Home*Child Speaks English
*Any AllergyNote: Explain Below in Detail: If your child has any Medical Concerns, requires Special Needs Services, has any physical/speech/hearing issues, has mental disorders, developmental delays, is recommended for or is currently receiving Babies Can't Wait Services and/or occupational/physical/speech therapy, is/has received private therapy. Also, if you answered 'Yes' to Any Allergies question, then please further specify in Medical Concerns, or write 'None' as your answer.*Medical Concern
Please read to the end: (1) Please add additional siblings that are new to DBP as additional students below. (2) If your child is registered in two or three different classes within each age group; For example: Creepers/Toddlers (M/W and T/Th, M/W and Fri, T/Th and Fri) then, you must enter that same child as two/three separate students below by choosing each class seperately. Thank you.